Somaliland: “After the Nation which is Paramount, Everything Else Comes Second” Eng Deyr


Eng. Hussein Deyr a die hard Somaliland natoinalist

By: Latifa Yusuf Masai

Somalilandsun – Somaliland citizens must collectively combat everything that threatens to divide or break-up the nation.
This was stated by Eng. Hussein Adan Igeh (Hussein Deyr), during an interview the Diaspora based Somalilander gave Somalilandsun in Hargeisa where he is currently visiting as he emphasised that success in sustaining achievements garnered by Somaliland depend on “preventing those factors that cause social conflicts thence contribute to inequalities, division and disagreement amongst citizens”.
Eng Hussein Deyr, 48 years old Architectural Engineer based in the United Kingdom and father of four is a prolific Writer and policy analyst/commentator on issues Somaliland that have facilitated the display of his unique nationalism of his homeland yet to be recognized internationally as a sovereign state.
“It is my innermost conviction that our country’s future is as bright as we make it! Therefore, as Somalilanders we ought to fight for what we believe in!” said the Engineer while stressing that all citizens need to hold the Republic of Somaliland supreme thence above petty clan based politicking.
Terming Tribalism and tribal mindedness as the prevalent thence not yet cured anathema that engulfs Somaliland’s democratic society the Nationalist said that, it is of a paramount importance to stress and promote the nationhood, unity, tolerance and social cohesion among Somaliland people.
On the present state of affairs, as pertains to the politic climate especially in parliament , the British Somalilander pointed out that the “my clan is supreme promotion’ by a large number of narrow minded politicians in various levels of leadership has in the recent past ensued with an economically, socially and clanwise fragmented and polarize citizenry.
“In my view the main stumbling block of the statehood and state institutions is the tribal mindedness of Somalilanders themselves” said Deyr while urging a more nationalistic approach to the flag and republic of Somaliland.
On the two decades Somaliland quest for internationally recognition as a sovereign nation the Architect opinionated that the world is now more aware than in the past of the stand and desire of Somalilanders, courtesy of the global engagement pursued by the administration under president Silanyo whose foreign policy of parleying all has been the norm since his ascension to office in 2010.

Hargeisa city seeing a resurgency
On how Europeans of whom he has lived amongst for decades perceive Somaliland Eng Deyr said that the foreign onslaught undertaken by president Silanyo has borne fruits for common citizens who a couple of years back knew not the existence nor difference between Somaliland and Somalia, are now to be engaged in discussions on the merits and demerits of separation.
Said he, “Personally I have in the recent past engaged in numerous discussions with friends and colleagues of purely European origin on issues Somaliland” adding that what makes him proud most during these exchanges is the grasp of issues displayed
On the justification of Somaliland’s withdrawal from its 1960 voluntary union later turned fateful with Italia Somalia and subsequent declaration of sovereignty in 1991.
In order to capitalize on the enhanced awareness of Somaliland globally Eng Deyr says that putting concerted emphasis on our shared values, history and common destiny that enables us to pull together as a nation is imperative.
Stressing on the increased awareness of the irrevocability and non negotiability of Somaliland’s sovereignty the Architect cum policy and political commentator revealed that in the course of his short stay in the country numerous senior figures from the UN, Netherlands, UK, France, Ethiopia, Denmark and Turkey amongst others have been in Hargeisa for bi-lateral discussions.
“Most Impressive was the 3-4 November, 2014 Somaliland Development Fund organized High Level Aid Coordination forum that brought under one roof in Hargeisa several governments and international donor agencies that have a stake in the wellbeing of Somaliland”
On the make-over of all cities in Somaliland and public infrastructures that were destroyed by forces loyal to the late dictator of Somalia Gen Mohamed Siad Barre during the protracted civil war of the 80’s that led to Somaliland returning to its 1960 independence status, Eng Deyr said this was possible in a country without external grants or loans due to the resilience and unity of citizens.

Eng. Hussein Deyr says the republic of somaliland is paramount to all

Queried on his numerous articles on Somaliland especially since the administration of president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo came to power, of which he has written profusely about, Eng Hussein Deyr who brushed the suggestion by Somalilandsun that he is on the pay of the presidency said the achievements of the current government are impressive and paying dues where owned is the proper thing to do.
Said he “Though I have numerous articles extolling the diverse virtues of the Silanyo administration published in addition to others on important policies, my drive emanates from love of country and support to any that helps propel it forward in whatever manner” See Below some of the Eng Hussein Deyr articles published by Somalilandsun

In conclusion Eng Hussein Deyr had this to say “I believe it is for everyone’s benefit to strengthen the key elements that work for the social fabric and public interest and bring Somaliland citizens together as a nation” while optimistic that recognition thence full membership at the United Nations Organization is imminent.

Proficient in English, Dutch, Italian and Arabic languages Eng. Hussein Adan Igeh AKA Hussein Deyr, 48 years old a British Somalilander who is Married with 4 children, completed his” level Education in his hometown of Gabile before proceeding to the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the Somalia national University Mogadishu. This was followed by a stint at the Institute of Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Seismology, University of Cyril and Methodius, Skopje, former Yugoslavia and at the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning; Delft University of Technology, Holland.
Graduating with top honours from the various institutions Eng Deyr has also pursued studies at the Fontys School, Eindhoven, Holland where he acquired an Advanced Diploma in Public, Private and Administration Law;.
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