Somaliland: After Tens of Deaths and Injuries, Elders Reconcile Warring Buhoodle Clans


Elders at the successful Buhoodle clans reconciliation meeting

By: Yusuf M Hasan
Somalilandsun- Residents of Buhoodle town are enjoying peace following a short spate of tensions occasioned by resurged clans animosity that saw 10 people die and over 30 injured.

According to Senior Aaqil- Chief Abdisamad Ali Yusuf , The end to hostilities that pitted two resident clans came after intervention by traditional leaders, representatives of all clans resident in Sool region on the east of Somaliland.

The now ceased hostilities ensued early last week following the killing of a man in Buhoodle resulting into a full fledged clan fight between the Ali Geeri and Reer Hagar clamsmen
All day starting early morning of Saturday 19th August, Buhoodle town was the scene of skirmishes between two resident sub-clans that has ensued with the death of 10 people and injuries to numerous others.
Now back to normal, chief Abdisamad revealed that the Sool Traditional leaders resolved that clansmen of the man who perpetrated the killing of the man that ignited the clashes compensate the victims family and clan with 100 heads of camel.
“While other issues were agreed upon, the blood payment which is a Somali custom shall jumpstart final resolution” stated the chief.
Apart from blood money payment Others agreed upon include
I. The unconditional and expedited release of the initial killing perpetrator
II. Payment of 40 heads of camels to Reer Ahmed clan as compensation for prolonged infringements occasioned the clan

heavily armed clansmen during battles in the streets of Buhoodle in Somaliland On the deaths and injuries resulting from the skirmishes Chief Ali Abdi Ali ‘Ali Dahable’ said that the traditional leaders were unanimous that related traditional mechanism be put in place thence deter them as justification for future clashes.
“To this effect it has been decided that the warring clans shall bear full responsibility for their respective injured clansmen which means that anything to do with these injuries shall never be addressed by either” said chief Ali Dahable
As per those injured but not members of either of the two skirmishing clans their medication and subsequent customary settlement shall be undertaken by the main Dhulbahante clan of Sool region.
According to the Sool Regional traditional leadership This decision revealed the chef was reached upon as a means to avoiding the lengthily discussions that might heat up tensions again as pertains which clan injured who and who.

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On the alleged Somaliland and Puntland governments involvement in inciting the Buhoodle clan clashes, Chief Ali Dhable said that upon careful investigation by the traditional leaders, it was clearly proven that neither of the administration’s in Hargeisa or Garowe had a hand in the fighting.
“This was a conflict between two clans occasioned by the killing of a man whose perp absconded to neighbouring Puntland” said the chief. Adding that not only was the absence of an external hand proven but the dead individually identified and circumstances leading to their demise verified by the traditional leaders.
Verifying the successfully resolution of the Buhoodle clan conflict was the main Sool region tradition leader Garad Jama Garad Ismail who thanked the two warring clans of Ali Geeri and Reer Hagar for to accepting intervention but acquiescence with resolutions.

“We are very happy for the successfully outcome of our negotiations that have ensued with cessation of hostilities and subsequent resolution, Said the Garad adding that this was as a result of desire for peace by residents of Sool region
Stressing on the importance of peaceful co-existence not only within communities resident in Buhoodle and Sool region but Somaliland at large, Garad Jama said that peace was a prerequisite for development, much needed all over.
In conclusion Garad Jama Garad Ismail revealed that following desired intervention and subsequent return to pre war status, the Sool traditional leaders have managed to convince the government of Somaliland withdraw the large number of security personelk dispatch to Buhoodle
“We shall not only return to our respective home areas in happiness but in the knowledge that our cousins in Buhoodle are at peace” said the Garad who wrapped up on behalf of the Sool traditional leadership