Somaliland: Afqaloo Replaces Convicted Councilor at Hargeisa Municipality


Ex Councillor Mustafa

By: Osman A.M.

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The regional court of Hargeisa has sworn Said Afqaloo as a councilor for Hargeisa Municipality replacing the incumbent Mustafa Osman Dahir who resigned recently following confirmation of murder charges that taint his eligibility as an unfit person to hold a public office.

Councilor Mustafa was sponsored by Umadda, a political outfit that failed to clinch national outlook after failing to secure uniform representation in municipalities countrywide in the last Civic elections-a benchmark set in prohibiting political vehicles with regional & tribal affiliations detrimental national politics.

Newly sworn Councilor Said belongs to Umadda party and was defeated by Councilor Mustafa in the party’s nominations that placed him in second position hence automatically assuming office in case of a vacancy in a country where by elections are not only alien process but also costly.

Mustafa Osman Dahir has been sentenced to death upon confirmation of murder charges preferred against him. This comes after being held in custody for a period close to one year during which prosecution charges were proofed beyond doubt that he killed a close friend one, Rashid Adan within Hargeisa.