Somaliland: Administration Releases 2013 Development Agenda


 President Silanyo (2nd Left) at the ministers  self assesement meetingBy: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The nation is set on intensifying its quest for international recognition.

The administration of President Ahmed Mahmoud Silanyo is geared towards a systematic quest for the 21 years overdue sovereignty recognition that will initially target individual regions as a prelude to the UN in 2013.

According to a presidential statement released by the presidency spokesperson Mr. Ahmed Suleiman Duhul, the president is fully committed to fulfilling at least 70% of all campaign promises he made during the 2010 presidential elections.

“While a number of promises have been fulfilled, I am committed to ensuring that my administration fulfills at least 70% on all the campaign promises,” Said the president

The president made the remarks while concluding a three days administration self-analysis exercise undertaken by the council of ministers at the presidency in Hargeisa where the government’s activities for the years 2010-2012 were put under the microscope.

Apart from the systematic quests for international recognition, other areas that the administration has prioritized for 2013-2014 include Judiciary Reform, Eastern Regions Conflict Resolution, Public Property Management Reform, Foreign Affairs Policy, National Food Security and creation of employment opportunities.

The presidential statement read:

The three days council of ministers meeting chaired by the president H.E Ahmed Mahmoud Silanyo has concluded successfully at the presidency where a number of development priorities for the year 2013-2014 were established following presentations by each ministry on activities, constraints for the past two years.

After conclusion of presentations and subsequent committee discussions, the government sets the following as priorities for the 2013:

1. Review the foreign policy with a view to an intensified quest for international recognition thus a systematic and regionalized quest targeting Africa Union, Arab League, IGAD, EU, Americas as a prelude to the United Nations.

2. Enhance national security as pertains to the war on piracy and terrorism through strengthening the operational and inter-agency cooperation of security agencies.

3. Consolidate reconciliation achievements made in East of Sanaag region as well as Buhodle and Sool regions through increased public services provision and developments.

4. Judiciary reform thus Avail citizens a just and impartial justice.

5. Mitigate on continued brain drainage in the country, through illegal immigration by graduates through creation of employment opportunities.

6. Establish and implement a national food security policy thus alleviate starvations faced by citizens from a number of drought prone areas.

7. Develop and implement realistic public property (infrastructure) and environmental protection and development policies and procedures.

While these priorities might appear miniscule to some, their achievements will see the country take a major leap forward as pertains to poverty reduction thus improved livelihoods, for citizens of the country whose sovereignty the international community continues to ignore.

On the other hand, consolidation of the ongoing and concluded peaceful reconciliations in the turbulent regions of Sool and Buhodle shall avail area citizens public services thus a reduction in the costs of maintain a large military presence, funds which that the central government can then utilize in strengthening its vigilance and war on terrorism and piracy. This is a win win strategy.