Somaliland: Administration Hawk-eyed as Disgruntled Kulmiye Politicians Flock to Dubai under UCID Party Leadership

led by Mahmud Hashi disgruntled Kulmiye Politicians include Amb Bashe Awil, former presidency  Minister Mohamud Hashi Abdi, former Minister of Planning Mohamed Ibrahim Aden (Qabo), former Minister of Minerals Eng. Hussein Abdi Duale and Former Minister of Industry Shuaib Mohamed Muse.

Somalilandsun: Effects of the just concluded Somaliland ruling Kulmiye party’s 4th national convention continue to vibrate in the country more so as a result of the removal of some senior politicians from the central committee.
Having been covertly been eased out of the party these politicians are now seeking other avenues to ensure their continued relevance as political stakeholders in the country more so within their clans.
Thus the government of Somaliland is monitoring the activities of some of these disgruntled ruling party politicians who have been converging in Dubai in the past week.

The hawk eye given to this movement by Kulmiye party’s administration is owed to the fact that top opposition party UCID Leadership is coincidentally in the Emirati city.
Among leaders of UCID currently in Dubai are its Chairman Eng. Faisal Ali Warabe and the party’s presumptive Somaliland vice presidential candidate Ahmed Abdi Muse Abyan with others expected.
Of the disgruntled Kulmiye party politicians confirmed to be already in Dubai include Mohamed Ibrahim Adan (Qabo) and the Somaliland represent to Kenya Bashe Awil Omar.
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Others among them the leader of the disgruntled politicians Mahmud Abdi Hashi are reportedly enroute there having been delayed by reasons of enticing others if ilk to journey.

Sources close to these ruling party rejects inform that talks are underway between them and the UCID party leaders
“These are exploratory discussions as pertains possible absorption of the Kulmiye rejects by UCID” said the source who remains anonymous on request.
With the disgruntled politicians known to be not only ardent supporters of Kulmiye but among founding members their motive in association with UCID is to avail them a platform to campaign against their party while remaining members during forthcoming parliamentary and local councils elections slated for the second quarter of 2021.
“if they can manage to dislodge Kulmiye in these elections then the route will be open for them to retake not only their original positions but the entire party’s leadership.
Queried on the reported merge talks the UCID deputy leader Prof Abyan said “yes we are in talks with some senior politicians who were removed from the Kulmiye central committee” adding that being exploratory discussions nothing concrete to report has emerged yet.
Noteworthy about this meetings is the fact that a prominent Traditional leader who represents the clan from which most of the disgruntled politicians cone from, King Osman aw Muhumed aka Buur-madow (black mountain) has been in Dubai for sometimes in which time his us reported to have met UCID’s Eng Feisal Ali Warabe several tines.

L-R UCID party leader Eng Feisal Ali Warabe basks as he hosts disgruntled Kulmiye party members led by Mahmud Abdi Hashi

Poignant of Dubai as venue of this meeting is the fact that the Kulmiye party founder and long time leader as well as Immediate past president of Somaliland Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo is currently in residence.
For inexplicable reasons all those removed from the ruling party’s central committee are loyal lieutenants of ex president Silanyo having served him diligently both in the party and Government.
The former Somaliland first family decamped Hargeisa for Dubai a few days to the party’s convention with reports indicating that he had returned his and that of spouse Amina Series invitation card to the convention’s organizers.
The salient reason was the fact that Mahmud Hashi who was aspiring for the position of party chairman thus challenging incumbent and current Somaliland president Muse Bihi was refused registration as candidate.
Without mincing words the refusal of the Hashi candidacy is directly responsible for the current mess the ruling party finds itself in, that if fracturing into two factions.
Many believe that this is a major political blunder by the president’s handlers for having Hashi on the ticket would have not only assuaged those now deserting but legitimatized the re-election of Muse Bihi as chairman as well.