Somaliland: Administration Appoints Somalia Talks and Recognition Consultant


As presidential spokesperson adapts to absurdity of midnight press releases institutionalized by predecessor

L-R Amb Awil Ali Duale appointed special advisor on quest for international recognition and political talks with Somalia in a midnight press release by presidential spokesperson Eng Hussein Deyr

By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The Somaliland presidency is to be availed diplomatic tactics geared towards negotiations with Somalia and quest for international recognition.

This follows the appointment of Ambassador Awil Ali Duale as special advisor to the Somaliland president on quest for international recognition and political talks with Somalia.

This appointment to this new office was contained in a presidential decree # JSL/M/XERM/249-3730/122015 in which several other advisors were named as well as regional governors and ministerial director Generals.

Apart from Amb Awil a former minister of Finance others appointed to the office of Somaliland presidential advisors include Abdilahi Abdi Haji Omar ‘Abdilahi Jawan’ as Election advisor and Former Sahil Regional governor Fahmi Abdi Bidar as advisor on Non Governmental organizations

From the same decree former Director General at the Anti Corruption and Good Governance commission –AC&GGC Hasan Omar Horri Moves to the ministry of planning in the same capacity. Others named to DG positions include

Hasan Omar Horri planning DGSuleiman Saeed Ali at the ministry of religious affairs.

Mohamed Sheikh Omar takes over from Horri at the AC&GGC

Abdinassir Haji Daud Warsame at the ministry of resettlement

Abdirashid Ahmed Guleid at the ministry of commerce and international trade and

Sharif Ibrahim Omar as Director general National Charity and endowment office

Those appointed as regional governors include

· Mohamed Ibrahim Aden ‘Qabo’ formerly a residential advisor as Toghdeer regional governor

· Jama Yusuf Ahmed as governor Sahil region

· Farhan Hasan Abdi as governor in Selel region

· Ahmed Mohamed Hashi as governor of Daadmadeed region in Odweine

· Jama Isse Shaur as deputy Haysimo regional governor

· Naleeye Ahmed Sh Jama as deputy governor in Sanaag region and

· Jama Dheeq Artan as deputy governor of Buhoodle region.

Ahmed Mohamed Hashi governor of Daadmadeed regionSomalilandsun was unable to publish information about these important appointments since staffers were sound asleep when the presidential press office released the decree at midnight

Being the first midnight press release by newly appointed presidential spokesperson Eng Hussein Aden Egeh ‘Hussein Deyr’ most especially we at slsun are astounded since anticipation was high that moribund practices by his predecessor shall be discarded

Without any doubt Eng Hussein Deyr is a most capable holder of this important office, even acknowledged by oppostion party Wadani, but continuation of midnight press releases and denial of English language journalists access to the presidency augur badly thence hopes that an immediate reversal shall be the priority

In the meantime maybe the good engineer can justify his decision to have non-English speaking journalists attend a press briefing and interview Amb Nicholas Kay while those adept are outside the presidency gates begging entrance, or are we hiding thing from the international community

In the meantime kudos to Amb Awil on appointment to the hirtheto non-exiatrent office of Recogntion Quest and Somalia talks advisor which in lieu of his extensive experience in diplomacy shall hopefully change the way the international views the Self independence of Somaliland.

Somaliland presidential spokesperson Eng Hussein Deyr midnight predss release puts to doubts hopes of changes

As per the moribund internationally sanctioned talks between Somaliland and Somalia most likely the addition of Amb Awil shall help change direction from negotiations on Airspace management to more important issues as GUIDELINES for OFFICIAL Separation

It is worth mentioning that Amb Awil Ali Duale a former Somaliland finance minister under the administration of Ex-president Rayale and his UDUB party was chief facilitator of the just concluded training of the country’s foreign representatives.

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