Somaliland: Adhadeye Reconciliation Concludes Inter-Clan Conflicts in Sool

Somaliland: Adhadeye Reconciliation Concludes Inter-Clan Conflicts in Sool

Somalilandsun: A month local Conflicting resolution conference in Adhadeye centre in Sool region has ended with a 17 point peace agreement between two warring sub-clans

The resolution that culminates all inter clan conflict in the Eastern region of Somaliland was undertaken by a joint Government and traditional leaders led by interior minister Mohamed Kahin and including the Minister of Water, the Minister of Trade, and the Minister of Information and Culture, in addition to the traditional leaders, academics, politicians and the warring clans.

The two communities have been at loggerheads for more than three decades, with a total of 150 cases, 134 of which were blood transfusions, all of which were agreed upon by both parties.

The reconciliation agreement that bounds’ the formerly warring clans reads

The conference opened on 13/9/2020, and closed on, 31/10/20, and the communities unanimously agreed on these provisions as a law to live together in peace and non-violence.

  1. The community embraced the application of Islamic law.
  2. The community agreed that the next killer should be arrested in accordance with Islamic law.
  3. A settlement commission is set up in the disputed settlements, which will make a decision within two weeks. Prior to this, no settlement will be done, and the perpetrators will be responsible to the Somaliland government.
  4. The pacification of the blood of the slain shall be upon the perpetrator, and if he escapes, he shall be taken up by his closest relatives.
  5. b) Anyone one who takes revenge on an agreed payment of blood money shall be handed over to the government
  6. If the perpetrator escapes from the Somaliland government, he shall be pursued in collaboration with the Federal Government of Somalia, and the regional administrations.
  7. The community agreed not to oppose each other politically, but to cooperate and consult with each other.
  8. The community agreed that the committee that worked on this task would be in charge until a permanent committee was formed.
  9. The agreed upon cases to be compensated on both sides is 172 cases.
  10. The community agreed to live in harmony, and cooperate in on security and development
  11. The community agreed to live in peace with each other and with the neighboring communities.
  12. That the community cooperates on social issues such as health, education, water, agriculture, animal husbandry, and road development etc.
  13. The community to work together on disaster issues such as deforestation, charcoal burning, grazing settlements, packages, and poaching, and anything that could lead to erosion.

1 4, Cooperate in drug abuse prevention,

  1. The steering and planning committee of the conference instructs the rural and urban communities to reach out to each other and strengthen implementation.
  2. Siyad Mohamud Clan calls on the Dhulbahante Clan to maintain peaceful co-existence.
  3. Awareness campaigns to be undertaken on all issues
Government at the meeting led by interior minister Mohamed Kahin and including the Minister of Water, the Minister of Trade, and the Minister of Information and Culture

Finally, members of both sides of the delegation spoke, both of whom confirmed that they had taken the 17 points, and I thank the Somaliland government for not doing anything without them, especially President Muse Bihi Abdi, members of the cabinet. Who were part of the beginning and end, traveled to the national army, traditional leaders, and the closing delegation to join us?

Finally, the Minister of Interior, Mohamed Kahin, concluded by saying that these are the issues that are the responsibility of the Ministry of Interior, so we promise to take care of the bad and the bad, and he made it clear that we should not complain.

By:  Feisal Ahmed Kharshe