Somaliland: Addis Ababa University Impact Local Education Positively


By: A A Jama

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The status and quality of higher education in Somaliland have attained a climax level courtesy of the mushrooming Universities affiliated to Ethiopia’s education systems that have in the recent past opened branch university colleges in Hargeisa while others are venturing into interior towns.

The Hargeisa branch college director Mr. SolomonTeklaead Teshoma while speaking to the press men hinted that fresh undergraduates medical students from his institution have been deployed to various public health institutions throughout the country to fill the gap created by inadequate medics particularly doctors & clinical officers.

The main campus of Addis-Ababa University based in the Ethiopian city & its branch in Hargeisa have developed a harmonious working chemistry in terms of conducting joint research & on different occasions compared notes and even offered local students to interact with their Ethiopian counterparts.