Somaliland: Adde Breaks 23 years of Allegiance as he Purportedly Joins Habsade in Garowe


L-R Fuad Aden Adde reportedly defects to join Habsade in Puntland

By: Yusuf M Hasan
Somalilandsun – The cat is out of the bag as per the political and national allegiance of Fuad Aden Adde till now purportedly the Somaliland presidential advisor on Eastern regions development.
According to yet to be verified reports politician Fuad Aden Adde was reportedly seen in the vicinity of Garowe where a delegation of elders including traitor Ahmed Abdi Habsade and Puntland government officials were on hand to receive him.
Rumours of the Fuad intent to decamp to the Somalia regional administration are now facts and it is expected that Puntland president Abdiweli Gas shall as he did with Habsade; receive Adde for the camera session and under the table pay-off.
Sources within the Garowe presidency indicate that Fuad Aden Adde who has been faithful to the sovereignty of his mother Somaliland since 1991 when it, Somaliland withdrew from its 1960 voluntary later turned fateful union with Italia-Somalia is expected to receive a hefty reward package superseding the $100,000 given to Habsade.
“President Gas believes that now defecting politician is a bigger catch than his forerunner because unlike, the older Habsade who has crisscrossed Hargeisa and Garowe several times, he Fuad Aden Adde is doing it for the first time in over two decades since the collapse of the republic of Somalia in 1991” said Abukir Hamud (pseudo name) a Puntland government official in Garowe.
Abukir adds that since president Gas took over from his predecessor and savvy politician Abdirahman Farole earlier this year he, Gas has been obsessed on how to entice senor politicians from the Dhulbahante clan dominant in Sool region away from Somaliland and into his perch, as a prelude to his pursuit of annexing areas in the east of Somaliland where his Darood clansmen predominate.
“While Gas deems this as an appropriate political move in his campaign against Somaliland his Majeerten clansmen think otherwise especially as pertains the nomination of a Somaliland citizen Amey as deputy president backfired following the total rejection of Puntland by Sool based Khatumo secessionists from Amey’s clan” says Abukir who is from the Hawiye clan.
Meanwhile in Sool the home region of the two elderly political defectors residents are more interested in the adventures of Fuad Aden originally from Hudun district while none speaks about Habsade even in his home district of Las Anod where his Bahaarsame sub clan say they are not and have not for a long time been aware of his political or otherwise existence.
Mohamed Ina Waranle who is a cousin of Habsade says the hype in Garowe over the defection of the elderly politician is worthless since he was long dumped into the leadership dustbin of Las Anod thence useless for the president Gas machinations to annex to his majeertenia clan enclave any Dhulbahante areas in Somaliland
Though sentiments in Somaliland are similar about the uselessness of Habsade the issue of Fuad Aden Adde is different and machinations to stop his defection are under orchestration by the minister of Water development and a clansman Mr. Hussein Ahmed Abdala currently in Hudun town for the purpose.
It is therefore the onerous task of the water development minister to verify the situation as pertains to the whereabouts of politician Fuad Aden Adde.