Somaliland: Adami Team Sets Issues Straight


As They challenge Disgruntled Persons to Seek Legal Redress

Adami (2nd R) chairs his party Team meeting

By: M.A.Egge

Somalilandsun – The 7-man steering committee of the ruling Kulmiye party has expressed their profound shock and utter dismay at the uncalled for naïve cry of foul expressed by a cross section of the supreme committee out of irresponsibility.

The team led by Defense Minister Hon. A. Adami wondered in a press conference yesterday why the chairman of the party Mr. Muse Bihi would all of a sudden scoff at legal undertaking that he has all along been part of.

The steering committee which concluded its task had over the week availed the report on its work which caused a cross-section of the supreme committee to plunge the party into technical hitch as concerns regulating guidelines on roles.

Mr. Muse Bihi blatantly refused to accept the steering committee’s report citing irregularities in listing central committee members. He was flanked by his deputy Mr. Mohammed Kahin, the secretary General Hassan Said and the central committee head Mr. Jama Shabeel.

However the legal aspects which seemingly favour the steering committee’s action show that there is intent to cause discord within the party.

Hon. Adami’s team were very clear as to their mandate which was legally bestowed upon them by the delegates of congressional general meeting that comprised of 1162 members.

As party regulations has it, the organizing committee members handed over the general meeting to the steering committee which is named by the supreme committee.

The congress then endorses them to kick-off the meeting hence their tasks thereof comprise basically of;

1. Steering the meeting and conducting it to fruitful conclusion

2. Overseeing the elections/re-election and/or appointments of the members of the supreme committee and the executive committee.

3. Collating the list of the central committee members

4. Overseeing the endorsements and adoption of party plans, objectives, regulations or their amendments.

The all issues above are supposedly to be addressed during the time the congressional meeting is on.

Musa Bihi L and President Silanyo nd L arrive at the recent Kulmiye Delegates conference in Hargeisa flanked byu senor governmernt and party functionaries

This is of course supposed to be based on the agenda brought on hence drafted by the organizing committee under the supervision of the supreme commit.

In other words the steering committee has no powers over the duration of the general meeting, an issue they pointed out in their recommendations.

Upon the background of the accepted fact that the meeting was concluded after two days, the steering committee was technically and practically burdened with the job of completing their tasks.

They thus revealed yesterday that they continued their jobs at two locations hence the chairman himself, Mr. Muse Bihi was on daily basis keeping tabs with them with full support and knowledge.

They said that apart from even personally bringing and furnishing them with the names of the new central committee, he (Bihi) was also at hand to solve any hiccups that may have developed over the process.

They made it clear that their work was only to collate the names as per regulations.

They further stated that issues that were endorsed at the general meeting included additional 100 to the central committee and a further 7 members to beef up the 35 executive committee. This included Hon. Abdiaziz Samale, as they precisely made it vivid. They reminded the press that both issues were incorporated into motions that were endorsed and adopted by the congress itself.

Mr. Bihi did benefit from the additions by being given a free-hand 23 members-nominating powers (as the chairman).

It is worth noting that in order for the 3rd Kulmiye General meeting to kick off after being postponed several times over a 19 months period, as a result of conciliatory efforts that culminated in a consensus of harmonious agreement that also brought forth the additions.

Most important in the agreement was the fact that Mr. Bihi and his group were given a free bill that decided to have them return un-opposed.

Given that such conciliatory overtures made the supreme committee re-occupy their posts without undergoing election rigours, it is dumbfounding that he should declare the lists he furnished as null and void!

It is not clear why he has taken to such confrontational step especially after he opted to become a presidential aspirant, however legal aspects favour the Adami team as having toed the righteous technical path.

The steering committee has called upon any disgruntled elements to seek legal redress in a court of law.

They have supplied copies of their reports to all offices as laid down by the regulation. These include the supreme committee heads, the attorney general etc.

Technically they are also supposed to give the copies to the newly elected heads of both the central and executive committees.

It is more likely that the Bihi team may have now acted jittery for fear of having his line-ups dislodge in the upcoming central and executive committee elections.