Somaliland: Adadley Boarding School Ready in September, says Hashi


As the presidency minister calls on Somalilanders to rally around unity and solidarity
Adadley Boarding School

By M.A. Egge
Somalilandsun-The Minister of the Presidency Hon. Mohamud Hashi Abdi has appealed to all and sundry in the nation to defend their hard-won nationhood and uphold the prevalent peaceful stability cherished.

Hon. Hashi made the call at Adadley Boarding School grounds at town where he toured its premises to inspect and monitor the reconstruction.
The Minister who was accompanied by a large delegation of fellow ministers, senior government officials and traditional leaders to mention but a few, were hilariously welcomed by the local residents.
While noting that the project of reconstructing, rehabilitating and rebuilding the school is indeed a monumental task, the minister was contented with the works which are nearing completion and final stages hence praised the contracting company Daryeel for the job well done.
He revisited the important glorious spot the school held in the history of the country’s education given that it was one of the handful schools in the country that had moulded household names and eminent personalities across the country.
He revealed that the school will start operations come September this year and that it will be fully equipped and staffed.
Inspecting construction progress at Adadley Boarding School The minister said that the administration was always there to formulate and create plans and projects, but due to the nascent nature of the nation, developments were mainly based on partnership.
He said that in recent years urban schools were mainly focused on at the expense of the boarding schools that churned out well educated, well behaved and non-tribal students.
He hoped that such boarding school being resuscitated will be upgraded to polytechnic centers.
He said that the foundation stone laid were not mere acts but works followed to see that the intended projects are implemented and established.
He cautioned that party politics were only based on differing policies hence politicians shouldn’t polarize the populace.
He called on all Somalilanders to shun petty politics, tribalism or antagonism but instead steadfastly guard and defend their hard won aspirations, be diligent and vigilante, maintain peaceful stability and security and, of course, be wary of the enemies of the land who he said were in abundance.
The minister of Aviation revealed that a borehole will be sunk in the Sabawanaag and Adadley area soon.
Present were also the Director General ministry of education, state minister for trade, Ugas Hussein and other Sultans.

Under construction Adadley Boarding School