Somaliland: “Act of Establishment of New Government Organs Should be submitted to House” MP Hashi


• Chairman of Finance Committee: ‘Timely submission of 2014 Budget complies with National budget Act’

• Finance Committee requested MP’s to approve 2014 Budget

By Mohamoud Hasan Qodah

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – House of Representatives’ Sub Committee for Finance called that act of establishment of the unconstitutional organs which Silanyo’s led government created when it took office 3 years ago, to be submitted to House of Representatives.

The committee at the same time requested MP’s to approve governmental annual budget estimation where they also commended ministry of finance’s timely submission.

Chairman of house’s finance committee Mr. Mohamed Mohamoud Omer Hashi reading a well-structured report discussed issues pertaining the legal importance of submitting the act of establishment of unconstitutional organs of the government to the House, and 2014 annual budget estimation which Finance Minister Mr. Abdilasis Mohamed Samale has recently submitted to the house.

House of Representatives’ yesterday session chaired by house’s chairperson Abdirahman Mohamed Abdilahi (Irro) have paid attention committee’s report and there was no discussion on the budget and the unapproved organs of the government which are effectively doing their functions prior approval by house of representatives which in the eyes of legitimacy are the only government branch that can establish new government organ.

The committee’s chairman added that his committee convinced the structure of the annual budget of 2014 and that the time ministry succeeded to submit to the House of Representatives completely complies with the terms of national annual budget act for the first time.

He concluded that his committee have conducted a broad based research and analysis related to the policies and objectives behind this budget before deciding to submit to the house.

House of Representatives is the only governmental branch that has a right to make final approval, amendments, changes or can return it back to the ministry of finance. Constitutionally Annual National Budget unlike other decisions or bills made by the House doesn’t need to pass through to upper house of the bicameral parliament of country.