Somaliland Achievements Award-2013


Dear Somalilanders and friends,-Announcement

Somalilandsun – A Few weeks ago, we have released an announcement about the Somaliland Achievement Awards 2013.

In that announcement we have informed you about the nominations closing date and the planned date for the awards’ ceremony to take place. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, we have changed the Awards’ ceremony date from the 7th December to Friday 20th December. Likewise, we have extended the nominations period and changed it from the 15th to the 30th November.

We would therefore like to encourage Somalilanders to keep nominating their achievers and community champions to stimulate them and show them appreciations. Please submit your application online at before the closing date of 30th November 2013.

The Somaliland Achievement Awards ceremony will take place this year at Brunel University. WLSC will release an advert for the awards’ ceremony nearer the time insha Allah. To cover the cost of the ceremony, WLSC is selling tickets for £10 so if you need to buy one for the prestigious Somaliland Achievement Awards 2013, please call us on 0208 848 1180.

Best wishes,

Somaliland Awards Committee