Somaliland: Access the Country’s Huge Investment Opportunities Through Guul Group


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Somalilandsun – Somaliland has plenty and unexploited locally available resources and encourages local and international investors to exploit these resources. The state has sufficient human resource that can be utilized. Somaliland government has laws in place for the promotion; protection and guarantee of foreign investment.

Guul Group, a commercial conglomerate that runs a range of services – from agro-processing to transport and logistics, construction, fisheries, import/export, and business consultancy is the best bridge to business and investment in Somaliland. Guul Group provides specialist complementary; conduit, consulting, contracting and facilitation services delivered using effective, world-class communications tools.

Important areas of investment opportunities:

Housing sector:

The housing sector is vital for every society particularly those coming out of prolonged conflict .The cities of Berbera , Erigavo , Las Qoray , Las Aanod and Burao face huge shortages of affordable housing with the widest gap existing in Hargeisa and Berbera where the returning Diaspora and employees need affordable housing .

The ports:

Berbera port needs expansion and modern facilities.The port could act as a gateway to neighbouring landlocked Ethiopia. Imports of food and commodities for the population in excess of 90 million in Ethiopia could make Berbera one the most busiest ports in the Horn of Africa.


Somaliland imports huge amounts of cement from countries like Oman while the country has the potential of exporting cement to the neighbouring countries. Bebera Cement Factory has been the largest in the country before the civil war in the country in the late 1990s. The factory is currently obsolete after it has been looted by vandals. Somaliland needs investment in the production of cement sector which is plenty in the Guban areas just north of Berbera and in many other parts in the Guban plateaus adjacent to the coastal areas through out Somaliland.

Electricity :

The electricity grid in Somaliland is poorly developed . Most of the electricity suppliers throughout the country are small private businesses that use small generators to supply the neighbourhoods. Electric generators currently in place in the capital do not have the capacity to supply the city. New generators with more capacity , and introduction of both wind energy and Solar power systems are the only sustainable possibility to provide electricity and therefore also support economic development.

Oil :

Somaliland has the oil potential of billions of barrels both in offshore and onshore. There are currently 4 identified blocks with abundant oil potential . Among the largest of these four blocks is Odwayne block which has an estimate of more than a billion barrels of crude oil. There are currently oil exploration companies that have already acquired these blocks . But there is the potential of supplying equipment , prefab facilities , and catering to these companies when the production commences.

The above mentioned sectors are few among the many business investment opportunities in Somaliland. One other good news for investment the country is that the Potential profits are higher in Somaliland than in most other western countries.

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By Medeshi