Somaliland: Abdilahi Jawan Quits Presidential and Kulmiye Party Service


As the politician Queries legalities of Prime ministership powers acquired by presidency minister Mahmud Abdi Hashi

Somaliland Politician Abdilahi Jawan accuses presidency minister of acting in the capacity of non existent post of Prime minister

Somalilandsun – The elections advisor to the Somaliland president, politician Abdilahi Abdi Haji Omar ‘Jawan’ has quit his post as well as his membership at the ruling Kulmiye party’s executive committee
As he announced his resignation, the prominent politician first took upon the onus to commend president Silanyo for availing him the opportunity to serve the nation at the highest level.
He also revealed that the head of state was the first to be appraised of his duo resignation courtesy of a letter submitted.
While decrying the prevalent status in the country where some unelected but presidential appointees have assumed controlling authority in the government, the politician said the reasons behind quitting were properly addressed to the president and relevant party chiefs.
Prodded on some gist Abdilahi Jawan said, “Since whatever I advise or propose as pertains my mandate gets obstructed by some powerful but unelected individuals, I decide to resign despite my great respect for and desire to work with president Silanyo” adding that though he will not be one to start castigating the head of state, it is obvious that control of administration has been wrestled from him. 

Presidency minister hovers over Somaliland VP Sayli and President Silanyo at the presidency in Hargeisa Without mincing words the outgoing election advisor to the president said that “the entire country’s decision making now rests with the presidency minister Mahmud Abdi Hashi. 

He went on to accuse Minister Hashisalat of operating like a prime minister, “ a non existent and yet to be created office in Somaliland” as he stressed on the fact that covert PM powers assumed have also gone as far as to make the office of the Vice President useless while its occupier is treated as trash.
Wondering on the authority behind Minister Hashi to whom even other ministers have to kneel thence permission to meet the president, the politician said it was imperative for status to be returned to legally approved as a prelude to facilitating president Silanyo undertake his elective mandate as opposed to prevalent scene that sees the unelected roughshod everywhere.
On the seven members of the national election commission-NEC, Abdilahi Jawan whose office made it mandatory for cooperation with the body said the commissioners have lost public confidence thence urged them to resign.
Politician Abdilahi Jawan wants the 7 Somaliland election commissioners to resign over alleged Ineptitude “During the last meeting of NEC held at the presidency I was forced to move out by the commissioners because they knew of my overt opposition to their ineptitude which makes it unlikely they will conduct fair and transparent elections in the country.
Justifying his accusations of the commissioners inefficiency politician Abdilahi Said that a covert body to mismanaged the December presidential elections in favour of a certain candidate was already established and just awaiting activation.
“My dear cousins at the Election commission Kindly resign and leave with your heads held high in lieu of continued stay in office that will culminate with life long legacy of shame. Said politician Abdilahi Abdi Haji Omar ‘Jawan’ who was himself a long serving commissioner of NEC.

Somaliland politician Abdilahi Abdi Haji Omar Jawan has quit his post as presidential el cations advisor as well as his membership at the ruling Kulmiye partys executive committee