Somaliland: A Traitor Amidst Us



Greedily foraging for tidbits, used Hummer car parts and liquor replenishments a so-called local journalist, notorious for blackmails, is on a solo crusade of his own, specifically targeting mineral/oil exploration efforts in Somaliland with pretension that his, (Journalist) is an ax wielded against the purported dishonourable oil deals of our honorable Energy Minister who incidentally is heading the revival, with our unwavering trust, on land and flag”

Somalilandsun – In world standards, on almost all graphs illustrating the economic being of countries large and small, rich and poor in the world, a struggling Somaliland is valiantly climbing up from an unenviable bottom slot.

The strongest rung on the ladder to a brighter future for Somaliland is embodied in its initiatives to develop its oil and mineral resources. Despite both the covert and overt efforts to thwart this climb towards a more plentiful future on the part of formidable competitors and enemies, Somaliland has braved the gauntlet and secured a number of agreements with a number of internationally renowned companies, and a few regional ones. The understanding with all was that interested companies develop the concessions given them expediently. None of the MOUs agreed to to-be-shelved signatures holding on to concessions that would remain only as ink on paper without the least effort to do anything tangible towards their development. A dream on paper. Or, rather, opportunistic material to rent out to more able developers when the time came as such is the case with so many names that, indeed, proved to be names only without the substance or the temerity to step out on to the limelight – or reality.

That the Republic of Somaliland decided to explore the riches in the depths of its soil is a true reflection of its quest for an equitable future.

re for all. The move answers all our aspirations for a more developed, universal education for all, better equipped health facilities, more skilled labor force, higher living standards for all, a better organized security system for Somaliland and the region, and above all, an insurance for a more secure future for all Somalilanders.

As is always the case with all great things, evil forces, hitherto lurking in doomed shadows, raise their heads and test resolve. Opposition lunges out in many forms: to cloud issues, to stop progress, to place obstacles along the way, to plant the seeds of doubt in people’s minds, to ferment and create unrest among society elements crucial to general and/or specific development schemes, to physically and psychologically thwart fight against debilitating ill health, decimating ignorance, perpetual indigence and the upward surge for self and national welfare – among others.

Among us, in Somaliland, such forces are inching their heads up stealthily to spit out venom that bodes ill for all that we have steadfastly and painstakingly built for ourselves in the eyes of the international community: security for all, unfettered economic development, peaceful coexistence among ourselves and wit other in the region, quest for self-sustenance, forward drive for diplomatic recognition, development of oil and mineral resources, upgrade of livestock exports, modernization of sea and air ports, etc. etc.

A committee that one of the opposition parties recently nominated, headed by a foreign national, is already seeding vile doubts.

A so-called journalist, notorious for blackmails, is greedily foraging for tidbits, used Hummer car parts and liquor replenishments, is another. This particular, on a solo crusade of his own, has specifically targeted mineral/oil exploration efforts in Somaliland pretending that his is an ax wielded against the honorable Minister heading the revival of our trust on land and flag.

In connection with oil and mineral matters, the man, Gabobe – to be exact, has published fabricated lies against the Minister, the government he represents, the President and his family – about eight times since December 2013 (20 December, 26 December, 27 December 2013, 6 January 2014, 28 January, 25 March, 28 March, and 29 March).

The objective of the attack is manifold to: (a) undermine the drive towards oil and minerals exploitation in order to develop national infrastructure and relevant services; (b) sow doubt in the minds of prospecting companies; (c) propagate suspicion and mistrust among communities whose areas are to be prospected; and (d) above all, to derail and stop the onward journey of the Somaliland development train.

None of the above serves Somaliland interests. They, instead, indisputably prove that Mr. Gabobe has further slid down to the world of industrial espionage, serving masters that are loyal to their fat notes only. This minion of a man serving them is a menace to none but to himself and the very interests sincere partners of development seek.

Rest assured, though, that Somaliland with its incumbent President, popularly dubbed the “Development Leader”, is determined to put a respected, rich, well developed, self-reliant Somaliland on the world map. There is no holding back. Somaliland is only for true Somalilanders.

As for this misguided gentleman, there are no more fake Hummers on the horizon. He, instead, should put his cards in order to respond to treason charges that the Somaliland public will file against him in court.

Eng. Saeed D Balbal,

Mombasa, Kenya