Somaliland: A Sparkling and Bigger Egal International Airport Reopens


By: Latifa Yusuf MasaiPresident Silanyo (2nd) Inspects the airport

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The country’s main international airport has been reopened after months of refurbishing.

New tools at Egal airportThe Hargeisa based Egal International airport is now back in business following the official opening by president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo who thanked all those who contributed towards the possibility of the new look airport.

While congratulating staff of the ministry of aviation and air transport the head of state said that the completed works at the airport are as part of the government’s commitment to the development of all sectors in the country.

“The government shall not sit in its laurels following the completion of developments within the airport but continue in other areas as that is the mandate given by the peoEgal airport can now accomodate bigger craftple” said president Silanyo as he promised enhanced activities to change the livelihoods of citizens.

With the opening of the Egal airport travelers will no longer need to utilized, as a matter of must, the Berbera international airport as has been the norm for the almost one year that works Egal under the financial sponsorship of the people of Kuwait and construction genius of the Chinese has been ongoing.

Apart from accommodating bigger aircraft courtesy of an elongated runway the new look airport has also attained better air control and radar equipment.

 Egal Airport Benefector representative 2nd L in attendance

 Egal international airport Sparkling and bigger

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