Somaliland: A Private Briefing with H.E. Dahir R. Kahin-Video


Down memory lane to an international briefing on Somaliland by Ex-President Dahir Rayale Kahin

Brieifng Panelists Howard Wolpe and Rayale Kahin

Somalilandsun – During a briefing at the WoodrowWilsonCenter in the USA then President Dahir Rayale Kahin whose presentation began with a historical background of Somaliland noted and stressed the uniqueness •of his country that was “Built from Scratch and without external help”

At the briefing whose panelists were H.E. Dahir R. Kahin, Howard Wolpe, the then president who also noted that Somaliland is one of the few countries in Africa devoid of conflicts, trials and tribulations that have spread across the continent, concluded his presentation by emphasizing the fact that Somaliland’s current goal is to have its sovereignty recognized and to become an acknowledged member of the international community.

Watch Private Briefing with Dahir Rasyale Kahin