Somaliland: A President For Life? A Parliament Forever?


Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and the nations and its citizens suffer the consequences.
Flanked L R by chairperson of Guurti Suleiman Aden and speaker of house of representatives Abdirahman Irro president Ahmed Mahmoud Silanyo addresses joint session of parliament in Hargeisa

By: Ahmed Kheyre
Somalilandsun-Today, the Somaliland House of Elders, ” Guurti”, extended the mandate of President Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud “Silaanyo” until December, 2017. The presidential elections scheduled for 2015, pushed to 2016, and then again to 2017, have been delayed once a again, until, December, 2017. Does any Somalilander expect these elections to be held at all?

Even more egregiously, the Guurti, extended the mandate of the corrupt, idle and mendicious, Somaliland House of Representatives until April 2019!

This rubber-stamp body has been in session since 2005. That is now almost 14 years of graft, larceny, ineptitude and borderline treason.

The reason given for these unacceptable and unnecessary extensions is due the drought.

Very well, if the reason for delaying the extension is the drought, inflation, security, etc, etc. Then surely it makes sense that, if the current administration and parliament are unable to handle these matters, then a new administration (whatever persuasion) and a new parliament, ( whichever party majority) should be democratically elected to lead the way.

What is taking place in Somaliland today is unforgivable. The desire to stay in office to enrich themselves, abuse the system and eventually destroy it, will not be accepted by Somalilanders.

We fought against tyranny to the point of destruction. If this nonsense continues unabated, then without a shadow of a doubt, a second liberation will take place.

Somaliland prides itself on peace and democracy. You cannot have one without the other. This kind of political shenanigans will set a precedent for the future, which will lead to ruin.

This is not the early 1990’s when Somaliland was in it’s infancy, muddling along, on hope and a prayer. This is 2017, and Somalilnad is a mature democracy, with law and order. This is not acceptable, in any shape or form, and any Somalilander who accepts this naked attempt to stay in power, deserves whatever disaster it brings.

Somalilanders are people of honour and fair play. Today, we have embarked a wretched road that is neither honourable nor fair. These are not emotive statements, but ask yourself, it today’s politicians try to hold to office in a such an ugly manner, what will tomorrow bring?

Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and the nations and its citizens suffer the consequences.


Ahmed KheyreThe author Ahmed Kheyre is a Somalilander based in the diaspora from where he regularly publishes analysis of local events shaping Somaliland and Somalia