Somaliland: A New Cloak for Consultative Forum and Opposition


Forum chieftains

By M.A. Egge

Somalilandsun – The infamous national consultative forum-mooted agenda of “salvation” that was handed over to joint opposition ”alliance” has been cloaked in a new garb hence its itinerary, being a public intellectual debate to be organized, is in the offing.

The new menu whose agenda on the plate, has just been announced by the chairman of UCID Mr. Feisal Ali Warabe soon upon his arrival back in the country on Monday the 25th November 2013.

At the same time the opposition leader took a swipe at UNSOM boss Mr. Nicholas Kay for telling Puntalanders to give women from Sool and Sanaag quota slots in their next parliament.

In a move seen by political pundits as clever hence meant to be one of circumventing the government’s opposition to the forum’s agenda, the joint opposition alliance have announced a public intellectual debate in which they have even invited the government just as they have given the green light to all Somalilanders.

”We held (as UCID) one such meeting in 2006 with Kulmiye and there is no reason why they state should be wary”, said Mr. Feisal.

He revealed that the main agenda of the meeting was to review the development events of the past the 22 years; thus since SL reasserted its independence in 1991.

“I would like to touch only one subject concerning the announced meeting,” he said, and added ” it’s going to be that of a public intellectual debate that would reflect upon the past 22 years”.

While reiterating the fact that it was the duty of the opposition parties to put check on the government of the day, he elaborated that it would be one that would review what has transpired, where SL is today and what its future portends, hence lamented as to why the words of Nicholas Kay went on without being reprimanded.

He said that the future of the Guurti, workings of the parliament, the inconsistent book of statutes, the country’s foreign policy and the upcoming general elections were issues that were to be pondered.

The national consultative forum which has a lineup of who is who in the country’s political map first came with a national consultative council whose modalities and agendas bordered on illegal structures.

It was sort of molded in the transitional councils seen elsewhere in the world as alternative governments.

They underwent metamorphosis thrice before passing on the buck to the joint opposition alliance to spearhead their objectives.