Somaliland: A House of Elder Politician is fighting for his Political Survival


Somalilandsun: A member of the Upper House of Representative also known as Guurti has been
lobbying intensively to save his political life which is at the crossroads.
The politician who doubles as a traditional leader is known as Sultan
Ismael Sultan Abdirahman. He was recently barred from attending House
business and now some of his colleagues are plotting to remove him from the
payroll altogether. They plan to bring a motion of no confidence.

What is his crime? He participated in a Somali traditional coronation
ceremony held in a small hamlet called Armo situated in the Puntland
administered region of Somalia Federation. However the clique that was
engineering his downfall failed to gather quorum.

Even though the Sultan Ismael has not spoken to the press however reliable
sources close to him informed the Horn Newspaper that the politician is
fighting tooth and nail to save his political life and down fall. Our
source revealed that he has the backing of most members of the Guurti or
House of Elders although a clique close to the realms of power is fighting
to remove him.

If their clandestine plot to remove Sultan Ismael succeeds he will lose
his parliamentary immunity and hence the wolves pack will devour him. He
risks being prosecuted the way his colleague King Osman Aw Mohamud Burmadow
was jailed for five year by a Hargeisa regional court.

On the other hand if Sultan Ismael succeeds to retain the seat it will be a
slap on the face to his adversaries in the Guurti and those outside.

Somaliland citizens are paying a close attention to this fiasco unfolding
before their eyes to see when and where then dust will settle.