Somaliland: A Celebration of Isaac Day amid Tragic Deaths


Over 200 somalis died in a tragic human trafficking boat off the coast of Libya

By Abdirahman M. Dirye
Somalilandsun – On April 17, 2016, around 400 youth died in tragic boat accident in Med Sea at the least of half the youth aged 21 to below 40 came from Somaliland where government sends mixed messages about human trafficking. It offers Western returnees with ministerial positions and lavish lifestyle while theoretically condemns the human traffickers who took the current ministers and directors to Europe. The human traffickers have good ties with the government, said Yurub U Tahriibe, not his real. A governor of x region in Somaliland went to Europe through trafficking. The credit goes to being in Europe; surely, without the help of human traffickers, he couldn’t became a minister of Somaliland.
Next May 18, Somalilanders worldwide from Australia to Seattle celebrate for being free from persecution and fatal circumstances. But Somalilanders faced stark reality once again: to risk Europe for economic betterment. They died en masse! Will 18 May ever be suspended to pay tribute for those youth of about 200 Somalilanders died in the Med Sea? Many are pondering what to do the same because the status quo remains the same in Somaliland: few eat the national cake and raise their kids in the name of serving the nation, a bold lies.
If Wadani party was in power, the flag was lowered, and the national mourning music played. “ where the responsibility of the government on her people” said Wadani leader. President Silanyo didn’t deliver any speech on this tragedy unlike his past campaigns of which rhetorically emphasized to tackle if he wins! Now, he is office but the human trafficking exponentially increased! Where’s he in all this?
The ruling party Kulmiye’s indifference towards the youth reminds Somaliland voters of their bold lies to tackle the problem of human trafficking during the past election campaigns, instead, it multiplied insanely! President pretends to blind of the problem never spoke it so far. His minister of education warned youth not to Mogadishu for Turkish scholarship examination but they can risk perilous journey to EU! What’s that? The naïve sector of the society blames Wadani opposition party for raising the crisis to public conscience. Today, every block in Buroa, and Hargeisa, there are families saying prayers for those brutally died in the sea in mourning. RIP.
The information Cadaani Sahardiid whose name roughly translates whitish who hates Sahara( or Africa’s dust) who usually brags of staying in New York spoke the death of more 200 of his fellow Somalilanders with humorous tone without any sympathy to the victim families, no regret in his voice whatsoever. He seems to say this was a minor accident but keep going to EU to become ministers and directors of tomorrow. The minister’s language sounds much like political terrorist based on his tone and gesture. He spoke like he was saying let them die because they belong to Wadani party grassroots supporters. This immoral act needs to be severely criticized. When you speak of death, your voice should shake unless you are talking about fake death to get visa from UK embassy.
Silanyo led Somaliland invites western returnee, Amina from Hamlet Tower in London received warm welcome not because she contributed to the country but because she is British and European citizen. She met the president and ministers offered gifts in thousands of pounds and free three star accommodation in Hargeisa. Such insane behavior encourages trafficking. Youth thinks to go up the ladder: the only way is to go Europe and come back to be nominated no matter if has no credentials or experience.
It seems that whole country is in the service of the diaspora alone. You are returnee from Australia or none.
The Information Minister, New Yorker, didn’t bother about the death during speech to the local TVs. He even didn’t decide the exact of casualties because he didn’t speak via phone to Somaliland potential victims remaining in Alexandria, Egypt. Don’t they deserve just a call to find out their figure of death? I just saw it social media. He said.
Inviting diaspora to Ritz and paying lip service to human trafficking phenomenon is utter hypocrisy.
Will Somaliland government ever reduce corruption to create jobs for the youth who fleeing not from a war but abject poverty? Only time will tell.

Abdirahman Mohamed DiriyeThe author Abdirahman Mohamed Dirye is a Somaliland activist based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He is also Somalilandmonitor Blogger. Reach out to Dirye at