Somaliland: 7 Indians Nabbed Selling Toxic in the Guise of Medicine


The Seven Asians nabbed selling toxic in Somaliland

By: Yusuf M Hasan
HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Foreigners living and working in the country illegally have been urged to observe the vacate deadline that expires on the 29th of February.
This is per the Somaliland principal immigration officer –PIO Colonel Mohamed Ali Yusuf ‘Ina Ambaro’ during a press briefing in his Hargeisa offices where he revealed the arrest of seven nationals of India for selling poisonous substances purported to be medicine.
“The seven Indians were caught red handed selling the poisons during a joint Immigration and police operation in Berbera town Col Ina Ambaro as he paraded the nabbed culprits and their assorted toxic substances.
The PIO who was flanked by ministry of health officials and commanders of the special police unit established to crackdown on illegal migrants also infirmed the arrested foreigners, five women and two men, were not only trading toxic to unsuspecting residents of the port town but operating on the wrong side of the law having entered Somaliland on a one month Tourist Visas that have already expired.
The crackdown on illegal immigrants follow new security and immigration guidelines issued by the government of Somaliland in which those living and working in the country illegally were given until end of February to either legitimize their stay or leave voluntary though a number have so far been arrested and deported.
Stating that the government shall implement the directives on illegal migrants to the letter Somaliland principal immigration officer Colonel Mohamed Ali Yusuf ‘Ina Ambaro’ concluded his briefing by informing that the Toxic trading Indians shall be arraigned in court soon.
At the same venue a senior ministry of health officer revealed that tests have failed to unearth the type of poison that was captured in possession of the seven Asians
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PIO and Ministry of health press briefing