Somaliland: 7 Die and 18 Injured in El-afweine Clan Clashes


As State Sternly Warns inciters and Perpetrators of the Recurrent Skirmishes
Somaliland security forces restore calm in Elafweine after recurrent skirmishes between resident clans

By M.A. Egge
Somalilandsun -The state has sent a strong message to the perpetrators of skirmishes in the recurrent rivalry between resident chansmen of El-afwein, Dararweine and Dogoble in Sanaag region.
In a stern and hard hitting statement delivered through the press, the Presidency minister Hon. Mohamud Hashi Abdi warned that the president has directed the military forces to quell any such skirmishes recurring in the said area.
The minister who was flanked by his interior and defence colleagues Hon. Yasin M. Hiir and Hon. Ahmed Ali Adami respectively noted that, “As the government, we are disheartened by the recurring skirmishes at Dararweine in El-afwein district”.
He said that the state prioritizes peaceful stability and spent fortunes in it hence will leave no stone unturned to maintain public order.
Noting that it has always been using various means to maintain peaceful stability in several instances, the minister said it was regrettable that seven lives should perish and 18 other sustain injuries in a meaningless way.
While he consoled the grieving and wished well the injured, Hon. Hashi appealed to the rival groups to observe peaceful stability.
Armed clan militias in ElafweineHe called on the area residents to collaborate with the security personnel to achieve the peacefulness required and maintain solidarity as brethren.
He however assured the nation that the fracas in the area will not daunt nor affect the collection of voter cards expected to be issued soon in Sanaag.