Somaliland: 5 Journalists Detained


Press statement

Somalilandsun – We, Somaliland Journalist Association (SOLJA) would like to let you knew that the Somaliland authorities have detained 4 journalists after they were on their duties for reporting the journalists were demonstrated in the capital city Hargeisa protesting against the government released the man who attacked HUBAAL Newspaper its office in Hargeisa in April 2013 without taking trail.

During the Tuesday morning demonstrations police arrest 4 journalists

with their cameras.

Names and institutions they work are:

1. 1. Abdisalaan Abdirashiid – BULSHO TV- Camera man

2. 2. Khadar Saeed Abdillahi –BULSHO TV- Head of News reporters

3. 3. Hasan Maal Dhider – Camera man Universal TV Camera man

4. 4. Abdicasiis Bashiir Nor – Xogreeb News Website -Reporter

The arrest of the 4 journalist’s police said that the journalists with their cameras were arrest for holding an illegal demonstration but had nothing to do with that they were collecting report from that

demonstration. The police refused the food and visiting for the detained 4 journalist;

Also, 5. Mr. Ali Ismail Aare, WAHEEN Newspaper from Borama was arrested yesterday by Somaliland Police in Borama town during he interviewed the community members who were complained at the municipality office , Mayor of Borama town ordered his arrest . Still 5 Journalists remain detained.


Mr. Mohamed Rashiid Farah

Secretary General SOLJA

Somaliland Journalist Association (SOLJA)

Hargeisa main Office  Email: