Somaliland: 2nd Case against Parties Registration Committee Commences


1st Woman presidential aspirant Ms Fozia (C) and NDB supporters strategizing on the way forwardOur demand for justice will prevail until all our supporters are availed their constitutional rights “MS Fozia H Aden

By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The High court its second hearing pertaining to the controversy surrounding the non-approval of 9 political.

A high court bench of five judges which listened to the second lawsuit entered against the Political Parties Registration-PPR&VC and Verification Committee by the consortium of Political parties said it will soon enter judgment in the case of NDB and HORYAAL political groups.

The second day’s litigation once again saw the high court judge’s deal with the case of individual groups instead of handling the case the consortium which had originally desired a joint hearing involving five of the nine groups that were denied approval by the PPR&VC.

Thus the second day’s session saw the judges listen to arguments against the PPR&VC by the legal teams representing first NDB and later HORYAAL.

At The end of both hearings the judges informed that they will deliver the courts judgment once all hearings and subsequent deliberations are complete.

The next lawsuits to be heard thus conclude the long awaited decision of the court will be that of GURMAD and JAMHURIGA political groups.

The first session on 31st July had the UDHIS political group led by Mujahid Dagahweyne present its arguments against the controversial decision by PPR&VC that saw only six political groups out of 15 approved to contest local council elections?

According to the NDB which is the only political group in the country led by a woman, the decision by the PPR&VC is illegal and unconstitutional.

The chairperson of NDB Ms Fozia Haji Aden says that the illegality of the PPR&VC decision pertains to the fact that it is only the National Election Commission-NEC that is mandated by the constitution with powers to assent or decline political party’s approval.

Ms Fozia who has persistently stood by her refusal to back down even at the cost of personal harm and arrest told the Somalilandsun that she will never accept the denial of her rights as well as those of the thousands of her supporters nationwide, said she, “Let it be known that I and every other Somalilander has equal right with the President, Members of Parliament, Guurti, traditional and religious leaders etc., we are all same in the eyes of the law and no one shall trample on or deny me my rights”

She further stressed on the fact that if the PPR&VC which is responsible for the political mess prevailing had the gumption to rectify its unconstitutional mistake and injury done to over a million Somalilanders who are denied choice of political leadership, the ongoing case will not have been instigated and long overdue local council elections would already have been held.

She opinioned that the PPR&VC assumed that we (Disfranchised groups) shall accept their biased decision, pack up bags and leave thus deny ourselves enshrined constitutional rights, said she, “No, No, this is not going to happen, we did not form political groups in order to raise empty hopes of better lives for our supporters and citizens nor did we spend all that hard won money in pursuit of developing the country only to leave because one or two people in power do not like you”