Somaliland: 23rd Cabinet Meeting Renames SNM Veterans Day, National Heroes Day


Somalilandsun- The minister of interior presented a full brief of security status in the country during the 23rd Council of ministers meeting.
The meeting which was chaired by President Muse Bihi Abdi flanked by his deputy Abdirahman Sayli was also briefed by the ministers of education and energy and minerals.
During his presentation the interior minister Mohamed Kahin stated that apart from a clan conflict in the south of Sool region the rest of the country was in a status of apt security.
“We are very firm on the government not accepting a repeat of this never ending conflict” said the interior minister.
The council of ministers was unanimous in the need to hasten reconciliation thence an end to skirmishes.

Flanked by VP Sayli Somaliland President use Bihi , R, chairs 23rd session of his council of ministers meeting

“We hereby urge Sool traditional leaders assisted by the speaker of parliament and other regional notables to intervene and stop the animosity among the clans in Southern Sool Region” Read a statement Release by the presidential press service.
According to the minister of energy and Mineral resources Jama Mahmud Egal, somaliland abounds with various natural resources whose exploitation is ripe now.
“If our natural resources like oil and minerals are exploited properly the resultant benefits shall enhance our country’s economic growth in addition to lessening poverty” said Minister Jama

Briefing on educational scholarships availed by the federal government of Ethiopia, the minister of education and science Prof Yasin Mahmud Hiir ‘Faraton’ revealed the sharing out by region.
See table below
With some ministers querying the difference in apportioning the scholarships regionally, the education minister Prof Faraton justified the allocations by stating

“portioning our the bursaries was based on number of schools and students seating final exams regionally, thus those with higher figures received more”

Finally the 23rd Cabinet meeting of the president Muse Bihi Administration concurred to change the name of SNM Veterans Day commemorated Annually on the 17th October to Somaliland Heroes Day

Regional share of bursaries availed Somaliland by Ethiopia