Somaliland: 1st Lady Visits Pediatric Hospitals, Makes Eid Donations


Somaliland first lady Amina weris is brieifed on the child suffering from Hydrocephalus also known as water on the brain at the Hargeisa Group Hospital

By: Latifa Yusuf Masai

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Ailing children at two pediatric hospitals in Hargeisa are beneficiaries of first Somaliland family donation.

The donations were distributed by the first Lady Amina Mohamed Jirde ‘Amina Weris’ during a visit to the pediatric ward of Hargeisa group hospital-HGH and the Dr Mohamed Adam Sheikh Children hospital.

At the HGH the 1st lady who was given an overall brief of the facilities various wings by its Director Dr Ahmed Omar Askar spent most of her visit at the pediatric wing.

Attended by doctors in-charge of child treatment who briefed first lady Amina Weris on the diverse cases they were handling a child with an inflated head became focus of attention.

According to the HGH pediatric medics the baby is suffering from hydrocephalus, a condition that has caused its head to swell to a shocking and painful size with the only corrective remedy being two simultaneous surgeries that the state hospital cannot handle thence urgency of treatment abroad.

Mother of hydrocephalus ailing baby at meeting with the first ladyHydrocephalus, also known as “water on the brain,” causes pressure to build up inside the skull, resulting in blurred vision, mental and physical disability. The condition is not uncommon since worldwide figures indicate that One to two of every 1,000 babies are born with it.

Visibly touched by the baby’s offering the first lady upon entreating Allah for a speedy recovery provided some finances to the mother but promised to keep a close eye with a view of providing related support.

Hargeisa Group Hospital Medics brief the Somaliland First lady Amina WerisStill at the pediatric centre the procession led to the now three years in operation Neonatal intensive care unit

where children born before expiry of the regular 9 months of pregnancy are nurtured.

Before departing the main Somaliland public health facility the lady Amina Weris handed over a donation from the first family comprising to the HGH Director to be used during the imminent Eid holiday by residents of the pediatric centre.

Among livestock donated to paediatric hospitls in Hargeisa by the Somaliland first familyThe 1st lady competed her pediatric medical facilities inspection tour with a visit to the Dr Mohamed Adam Sheikh Children hospital where upon briefing she made similar donations.