Somaliland: 1st Lady Urges Community Self-help


By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Citizens have been asked to actively participate in local community development.

The 1st Lady Ms Amina Haji Mohamed Jirde “Weris” told Somalilanders that local development can only be achieved through concerted efforts between them and the government.

Ms Amina Weris said this during a new road construction ceremony she officiated in Hargeisa where she said that the 3.5 kilometres road that will connect Sheikh Nuur and Radio Hargeisa estates has been made possible not by the government but citizens who have contributed financial and material resources.

While thanking all those whose contribution made the road project possible, The 1st lady who contributed $1000 urged citizens to engage actively in the development of their respective communities thus attain improved livelihoods. She further urged Somalilanders in the diaspora to chip-in materially in community development.

“While I commend our brothers and sisters in the diaspora for continued remittances for family support and investment in business I urge them to include community developments in their budgets” Said 1st lady Amina Haji M Jirde

The 1st lady was accompanied by Aviation minister Hon Mahmoud Hashi, Deputy interior minister in charge of security Hon Abdilahi Abokor Osman, Sultan Sharif, deputy Hargeisa Mayor Councillor Mohamed Abdilahi Ura’ade, Deputy Maroodi Jeeh-Hargeisa Governor Rashid Mohamed, Chairman of Dalmar Bus owners association and various traditional and community leaders.

According to the Deputy interior minister Hon Abdilahi A Osman, who chairs the local development committee, the road will once completed ease movement of area residents, thus inspire investment in the area that is sometimes cut-off from the rest of the city especially during the rainy season.

The security boss also thanked all those who contributed towards the 3.5 Sheikh Nuur- Radio Hargeisa road, notably members of the Dalmar bus owners association who managed to raise $7000. He also heap praise on an unnamed bus driver who initiated the whole roads project.

A local traditional leader, Sultan Sharif who also contributed $1000 said that local development was a responsibility on the shoulder of each and every citizen thus the need for regular contributions be they large or small.

Following the ground breaking ceremony by the 1st lady Ms Amina Weris, the road construction is expected to be completed within a short time.