Somaliland: 1st Lady Commissions Paediatric Hospital


1st lady Amina Weris inspects the Mohamed Aden Paediatric Hospital By: Latifa Yusuf Masai

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The family of the late Mohamed Aden Sheikh are fulfilling his wishes.

The first lady Ms Amina Mohamed Jirde “Weris” officially opened the just completed Mohamed Aden Sheik paediatric hospital which is situated adjacent to the government owned Hargeisa Group Hospital.

The paediatric unit which part of a broader hospital construction program has been made possible by the family of the late Mohamed Aden Sheikh a former health minister in the Siyad Barre government

While cutting the tape to the first exclusive hospital for children in the country the first lady Amina Weris thanked the family of the deceased donor for the hospital will avail the entire country capacity to deal with child ailments that have been impossible before.

Speaking at thThe 1st lady 3rd follows opening proceedings flanked by various dignitariese function that saw various dignitaries and representatives of health sector donor organizations, Dr Hussein Hog the minister of health promised his ministry’s commitment towards ensuring that the remaining parts of the Mohamed Aden Sheikh hospital are completed in time and as per design.

The Mohamed Aden Sheikh Paediatric hospital which shall also double as a training institution is the first phase of an ambitious hospital construction project currently underway at the site adjacent to the Hargeisa group hospital and formerly occupied by SNM orphans and disabled veterans.