Somaliland: 19 cases of Covid-19 Confirmed Bringing total to 87 Nationwide


Somalilandsun: 19 cases of Covid-19 were reported in Somaliland for the past 48 hrs, taking the total number of positive cases to 87. 13 people who contracted the virus reside in Marodi Jeh region. 6 of the 19 cases reported also live in Awdal province. 6 of those who tested positive for Covid-19 have recently returned from Djibouti and were stranded there during the lock-down. Upon return to Somaliland, they have been isolated in quarantine facility.

11 of the newly reported cases are males while 8 are females. The number of those who have fully recovered from the infection now stands at 8. Two have succumbed to the complications arising from Covid-19 for the past 48 hrs and the death toll now sits at 8.

The total number of people who were tested is reported to be 586. Somaliland government has taken raft measures to contain the rapid spread of the virus since its outbreak is reported in the country in March this year. Community transmission is blamed for the only agent that is responsible for spreading the virus in the country.