Somaliland: 18th May Day and the 31 Years Route to a Peaceful and Democratic Nation- Opinion

Despite non recognition internationally Somaliland citizens are very proud of nation- past 18th May photo

Somalilandsun: On this 18th May Somaliland celebrates 31 years of of sel-rule and sovereignty since after withdrawal for her 1960 voluntary later turned fateful Union with Somalia.

Though unrecognized internationally as a sovereign state , the freedom and security enjoyed today by  Somalilanders came at a high price in that lives were lost , limbs shattered , public and private property destroyed while hundreds of thousands were displaced both internally and externally.

It is in this context that Somaliland activist  Abdirahman Abdillahi Jibril (Awliyo) opinionates that “It is important that our younger generation in Somaliland become aware of the fact that this freedom came as a result of a bitter struggle against occupation by an oppressive regime.

In an opinion piece published by the Horn tribune the author concludes that ” Although Somaliland has not yet received official recognition, its people are aware that independence and statehood will never be comprised again. Somaliland learned unforgettable lessons from the dubious union with Somalia.

Thus on this occasion of the 31st  anniversary we have to be grateful to all those who have contributed to the reconstruction of the country and invested their time, knowledge and resources. It is important that the people of Somaliland remember the role played by the Somaliland Diaspora in rebuilding the country. It is gratifying to see that the markets in Somaliland are full of people and thousands of children are going to schools to learn.

However, although Somaliland has taken great strides in the last 30 years, there are still obstacles to its progress. I hope that the people of Somaliland are not wasting their time looking back to the past. Now the focus of the people is to preserve their unity and togetherness to improve the lives and conditions of the normal Somaliland citizen.

Finally, it is certain that Somaliland’s future is bright and prosperous. All that is needed is for the people of Somaliland to maintain their unity and work together to strengthen the trust and cooperation among Somaliland communities.

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