Somaliland: 16 Detained after Two Cops are Murdered in Las Anod


As the government also reveals prevalence of large quantities of fake Somali currencies in the Sool regional capital

Las Anod awash with fake Somalia bank notes reveals Somaliland authorities

By: Yusuf M Hasan
Somalilandsun- The murdered of two police officers in Las Anod town is being pursued as a possible act of terrorism.
This is according to the Somaliland interior minister Prof Yasin Mahmud Hiir ‘Faraton’ who also revealed that 16 people have been arrested for investigation as pertains the murder of the two police officers in the Sool regional capital.
“The brutal murder of our two law enforcement officers was perpetrated at a NEC voter card distribution Centre in Las Anod on Wednesday night” said the minister adding that the suspected terrorists entered the Centre disguised as women for they are reported to have been veiled face and body.
State burial for the deceased two was undertaken in the town the following day and attended by local and central government officials, traditional and political leaders as well as ordinary citizens who were all unanimous in their condemnations
During the state burial the interior minister revealed that yet to be ascertained damage was caused to both public and private property during the attack leading to the police officers death
While is investigations are pursuing the possibility of terrorism in the cop killings, the government has also raised concern over the large amount of fake Somalia currency being dumped in the country’s eastern region of Sool and more specific its capital Las Anod.
Stating that Somaliland authorities are aware of the dumping of large fake Somalia notes with intent to undermine in the eastern regions of Sanaag and Sool, minister Faraton urged citizens to avoid commercial activities involving the Somalia shilling.
The Somaliland national election commission-NEC is currently distributing voter cards in both Sanaag and Sool where it has established 350 centers targeting 156,000 registered voters
Prior to the start of this exercise the last prior to Somaliland presidential elections slated for November 2017, Puntland threatened to deter the exercise at any cost.
And though connection is yet to be ascertained between the threat, the cop murders and dumping of fake Somalia money, forces from Puntland a regional administration of Somalia which claims jurisdiction over the two regions of Somaliland are reported to have made an incursion into Dharkein-geenyo Centre in Sool region