Somaliland: 13 Seriously Injured in Yaqoori Road Accident

13 Seriously Injured in Yaqoori Road Accident

Somalilandsun:  A large number of passengers narrowly escaped with their lives following a road accident in Yaqoori district of Sool region.

The road accident occurring in the early morning of this Saturday saw 13 people among the passengers receive severe injuries that are currently being treated at the Sool Regional hospital in Las Anod town.

While details of the accident remain scanty medics at the Sool region hospital are said to be under severe strain owing to the large number of patients requiring specialized treatment tools that are few.

Thought the accident did not claim human lives livestock onboard mainly goats were killed apart from one lamb.

Though none has died it is not the first time for such an accident to occur at the same spot with severe consequences thence an urgent need for the authorities under the auspices of the Somaliland ministry of public works and the Road development authority to undertake a remedy.