Somaliland: 100Kw Radio Transmitter under Installation


Top-New transmitter in container during construcion of housing and Below- DG Abdirashid (L)  Eng Hasan Jama Abi transmitting at Radio HargeisaBy: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The much anticipated nationwide radio transmission will be availed within 40 days.

This was revealed by the Director General at the ministry of information and national guidance Mr. Abdirashid Jibril Yusuf during an interview with the Somalilandsun at his offices where he also divulged the Chinese company that sold the transmitter to the ministry has already dispatched 2 engineers who have already commenced work.

DG Abdirashid Jibril also informed that another 13 Chinese engineers are on the way thus finalized the construction of a tower and installation of the 100kw transmitter that will finally avail Radio Hargeisa nationwide coverage capabilities, Said he, “Within a period of 40 days radio Hargeisa will be heard not only nationwide but in the entire Horn of Africa region as well”

The new transmitter that arrived a month ago has been placed under tight security at the ministry of information compound in Hargeisa pending the arrival of the Chinese engineers. The Chinese engineers were part of the purchase deal that stipulated that the PDF Company from china will oversee installation works to the satisfaction of the Somaliland government represented by the ministry of information and national guidance.

According to the Technical director of the information ministry Mr. Ahmed Suleiman who is closely working with the chines engineers since he collected from Berbera international airport in the early morning of last Wednesday, the entire work that includes tower construction and transmitter commissioning will take a maximum forty days.

The technical director also informed that the Chinese engineers have commended the condition of the transmitter that has been placed in a specially constructed room since its arrival a month ago.

On the hand Radio Hargeisa employees highly applauded the ongoing final phase of having transmissions nationwide. According to Sound engineer Hasan Jama Abi the new enhanced transmission capabilities will enable Somalilanders to stay informed, entertained and educated through the various programs offered by Radio Hargeisa.

The nationwide transmission are highly anticipated by Somalilanders all over the country since the current Radio Hargeisa transmitter has a capacity to cover only a distance of 40sq Km radius thus only Hargeisa residents and those in its peri-urban areas receive programs from the national radio station.