Somaliland: 10 Legislators go AWOL


Hon Bashe M Farah says defrocking possibleBy: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The House of Representatives is looking for ten of its members whose whereabouts the August house is worried about.

The deputy speaker of parliament Hon Bashe Mohamed Farah has officially revealed that the house of representatives is looking for ten legislators who are Away Without Official Leave-AWOL.

While apologising to a number of honourable gentlemen whose names had been erroneously circulated as missing by some media houses the deputy speaker revealed that only ten of his flock were AWOL.

According to Hon Bashe Mohamed the ten legislators have not attended any business since the opening of the 8th session of the house almost a fortnight ago thus considered AWOL.

He appealed to the ten missing gentlemen to report immediately before disciplinary action is taken for dereliction of duties resulting in their names being scrapped from the roster of elected members of parliament.

While this is the first time for the house to announce that some memebers are AWOL it had in the past defrocked four legislators from its list of members for similar offences.

During the session the house ratified the much awaited lawyers bill number 30.2011. The law had passed various amendments thus its current 21 articles as opposed to the original 16.

Of the total quorum of 82 members, only 45 were in the house where 35 voted for the lawyer’s bill and one voted against while eight abstained. The speaker is a non-voting member.