Somaliland: 10 Arrested for Cheetah Poaching and Trafficking

Two cheetah cubs rescued in Borama, Somaliland – 24 July 2020 among 59 at the cheetah sanctuary in Hargeisa

Somalilandsun: The Somaliland police  said Tuesday it is holding ten suspects who have been rounded up in two separate incidents of wildlife trafficking in the past three weeks.

The police said some suspects were arrested in Hargeisa while attempting to sell three young cheetah cubs to the highest bidder while others were nabbed after being caught in possession of cheetah cubs.

“We successfully confiscated 10 cheetah cubs from a known gang of traffickers in the Xeedho area on the outskirts of Hargeisa. Two key suspects are in police custody, and they will be brought to justice as soon as possible,” Kayse Sudi Arale police spokesperson said in a statement.

The cubs from the two incidents were placed Hargeisa cheetah Sanctuary  in the immediate care of Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF), Ministry of Environment and Rural Development’s partner in the counter cheetah-trafficking project.

The CCF said its veterinarians and animal care staff examined the animals and found a host of health problems typically seen in cheetahs that have been in the hands of unskilled captors for more than just a few days. Edited by : huaxia for Xinhua

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