Somalilamd: WB Facilitates One Stop Bussiness Registration


Somaliland trade and investment minister chairs a meeting between World Bank and tradeinvestment officials in Hargeisa

 – The ministry of Tradeand investment is soon to acquire capabilities that will enable one stop Bussiness registration.

This follows understanding between the World Bamk and the Somalilamd ministry of trade and investmemt reached during a high level discussions in Hargeisa .

According to the trade and invest,met minister Eng Hussein Aden Egge ‘Hussein Deyr’ the new technology shall be utilized by various agencies of the government with related trade and invest,net portfolios.

“This shall not only ease Bussiness registrations by eliminating numerous prevailing bureacracies but shall also facilitate for improve skills by local staff” said minister Hussein Deyr.

The one stop shop business registration that shall enable local and foreign investors free access to relevant trade and investment laws is mostly likely to be up and running by the time of holding  the 

Germa. Somaliland Invest,eat Conferecne to be held in Berlin mid this year