Somalia: “You’re no longer president” Council of Presidential Candidates tell Farmajo

The tenure of president Farmajo ended 8th Feb 2021

Somalilandsun: A vacuum at villa Somalia, the office of the president and head of the federal government is glaring.

This comes after all the 14 presidential candidates  among them to former presidents told incumbent Mohamed Abdilahi Farmajo that they no longer recognize his authority , his four year tenure having expired on the 8th February.

“You’re no longer president”  said a statement released by the Council of Somalia opposition Presidential Candidates in which the creation of  a National Transitional Council to lead the country following the end of President Mohamed Farmajo’s term was proposed

Referencing the Somali language statement wrote

Noting that it no longer recognizes Farmaajo as president, the Council of Presidential Candidates said there was a need for a new body to oversee the preparation of elections in line with the September 17 agreement.

The 14 opposition presidential candidates said the Transitional Council will draw membership from the speakers of both houses of parliament, FMS leaders, civil society and representatives from the CPC.

Security forces, the CPC added should cease taking orders from Farmaajo. It added in a statement the outgoing leader risks losing his perks as former president should he by-pass the law and continue his stay in office.

The remarks come amid tension especially in the capital Mogadishu as the president’s stay in office lapses with no deal on sight. Farmajo told the Lower House Saturday he had tried his best with no success. He urged parliament to move in and convince Puntland and Jubbaland to climb down on their demands.

A new president was supposed to be elected today but so far not even lawmakers who are supposed to elect a new president have been themselves elected.