Somalia: Under-siege Opposition Presidential Candidates Urge Turkey to Halt Supply of New Weaponry to Cheetah Unit

Union of Presidential Candidates Rejects New Plan for Somalia Vote

Somalilandsun: President Farmajo of Somalia has been accused of using crack  Turkish trained Cheetah Unit to  intimidate candidates opposing him in the forthcoming presidential elections.

The accusations were made by the council of opposition presidential candidates this Thursday following the deployment of the Haram’ad (chetaah) police unit at their headquarters in Mogadishu as well as the residencies of candidates Hasan Sheikh Mahmud, Abdirahman Shukri and Sharif Sheikh Ahmed.

President Farmajo deploys crack Turkey trained Cheetah unit against Opposition politicians in Mogadishu

“apart from road blocks mounted by the unit in various Mogadishu streets, the houses if our three colleagues are completely surrounded thus denying both entry and exit” said the council in a Somali language statement below.

Statement by council of Somalia opposition presidential candidates on deployment of crack cheetah unit to their offices and houses in Mogadishu

Earlier on the council of opposition candidates had urged Turkey to temporarily shelve it’s plans to supply the cheetah unit with new weaponry until after the presidential elections.

In a letter dated 12 December and sent to the Turkish ambassador in Somalia, the opposition candidates said they had learned Turkey was planning to deliver 1,000 G3 machine guns and a large number of bullets.

They noted that the federal government has been using the Harma’ad forces to suppress its opponents in regional elections and expressed worry that the weapons and ammunition will be used to “hijack” the 2020/21 elections.

Statement by council of Somalia opposition presidential candidates asking Turkey to suspend supply of new weapons to crack cheetah police unit until after elections