NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the above trade mark is the trade mark of: British American Tobacco (Brands) Limited, a British company of Globe House, 4 Temple Place, London WC2R 2PG, United Kingdom

and is used in connection with:

Dietary supplements and dietetic preparations; nutritional supplements; food supplements; vitamin supplements; mineral supplements; herbal supplements and herbal extracts; antioxidants; non-medicated confectionery, pastilles and lozenges all containing herbal preparations; cigarettes; tobacco, raw or manufactured; tobacco free oral nicotine pouches (not for medical use); snuff with tobacco; snus with tobacco; snuff without tobacco; snus without tobacco; roll your own tobacco; pipe tobacco; tobacco products; tobacco substitutes (not for medical purposes); cigars; cigarillos; lighters; matches; smokers’ articles; cigarette paper, cigarette tubes, cigarette filters; pocket apparatus for rolling cigarettes; hand held machines for injecting tobacco into paper tubes; electronic cigarettes; liquids for electronic cigarettes; tobacco products for the purpose of being heated.

NOTICE IS ALSO GIVEN that legal proceedings will be taken against any person or company who uses the said trade mark or any imitations thereof or who otherwise infringes the rights of the said company.