Somalia: The Late Tubeh Finally Laid to Rest in Mogadishu.


Arrival of the deceased Singers body from Germany at Adan Adde Airport in Mogadishu

Osman A.M.

MOGADISHU (Somalilandsun) – The late great musician Mohamed Suleiman Tubeh was buried in Mogadishu after the clearance of transport expenses by the authorities of Government of Somalia revealed the son of the deceased musician Mr. Feysal Mohamed Suleiman.

Among the Government delegation in attendance during the burial that took place at School Polizio Cemetery that is adjacent to Aden Adde airport where the plane carrying the late Tubeh landed in the morning of the 16th March was Prime Minister Dr. Abdillahi Sh. Ahmed, cabinet ministers, members of parliament, military officers in addition to poets, music artists, friend & family members in the large crowd of people.

The Prime Minister termed the late Tubeh as a great singer who inspired by contributing to Somali literature and a patriot who concentrated in nationalism songs. Dr. Abdillahi latter consoled the friends & family members of the departed singer, colleagues in the music industry & funs of his pieces in equal measure praying for the ultimate rest of his departed soul in paradise.

Sons of the music guru present during the burial were Mustafa, Mahdi & Feisal along the deceased widows Khadija Ismail & Fatuma Duur.

In his will the late Tubeh declared that he wished to be buried at Berbera in Sahil region of Somaliland & if that was untenable then he altered to be buried in Mogadishu.

These new developments subsequent to the burial of the singer negates the efforts showed by Somaliland administration that even went ahead with preparation arrangements by naming a national steering committee mandated with funeral arrangements of the music star .