Somalia” The Jubaland Reconciliation Conference concludes successfully in Mogadishu


Somalilandsun – The three day reconciliation conference held in Mogadishu for the different clans and political groups of Jubaland successfully ended on Wednesday evening (November 6).

The 200 delegates discussed ways to enhance on-going peace building and reconciliation efforts, how to increase security and re-integrate armed groups and extend the fight against terrorist, and provide for economic progress and social development. The communiqué signed by all delegations committed the parties to continued reconciliation, an inclusive Interim Jubba Administration, amalgamating all local forces into the Somali National Army and to working alongside the Somali Federal Government and AMISOM to clear Al-Shabaab from the remainder of the region. The participants agreed to fully accept the Addis Ababa Agreement of August 2013 and to strengthen the role of civil society in the Jubba regions. It calls for be peaceful re-integration and redeployment of the Juba armed groups to form unified force, noting that it is of the utmost important for salaries to be paid in a timely manner, with appropriate training and equipment provided. It also calls for the establishment of ex-militant demobilization, disarmament and re-integration centers. Participants agree to develop local available resources; encourage trade and private industries; re-establish education centers and vocational training centers; and establish public health services at district and village level. It is also agreed that the Federal Government and the International Community will give support to the Juba regions to meet its residents’ need for basic social services. The delegates acknowledged the efforts of the Federal Government of Somalia and commended the support by the international community and especially of the Government of Ethiopia for its tireless support. The final stage of the reconciliation conference will be held in Kismayo. Prime Minister Abdi Farah Shirdon called the agreement an “opportunity for all the communities of Jubba to move forward together as a united region”. He said “After three days of open and inclusive reconciliation talks between the communities of the Jubba region today’s agreement is a great achievement and huge opportunity for the Jubba region. This agreement gives all the communities of Jubba the opportunity to move forward towards a peaceful and united region.”