Somalia: Shebelle State Government Established Officially


President Abukar Mardaadi of Shabelle state appoints Cabinet

Somalilandsun – The President of Shebelle state of Somalia consisting lower and middle shabelle Abukar Mardaadi has appointed cabinet ministers for his administration.
Abukar Mardaadi , Elected as the President of the two region state, mentioned that for the past few days he has been concentrating on the new ministerial cabinet.
“I am thanking the community in Lower and middle Shebelle region for reaching out to me by voicing their thoughts and advice” Said the President
Mr mardaadi said the council of ministers will consist of 15 members, whereby he named only seven and said to complete the list in the coming few days. The Incomplete list of the cabinet shows seven ministers namely:
Dr. Osman Mohamed Mohamud –justice and religious affairs
Dr. Osman Ahmed Ibrahim – Education,sports and youth.
Ali Noor Mohamed – Minister of Finance
Mohamed Abukar Ali – interior and security affairs
Dahabo Yussuf Mohamed – agriculture and irrigation
Haawo-luul Adan Bule – women and child affairs
Yussuf Muse Gure – industry and Commerce.
He mentioned that the states’ head quarters is Afgoye but the administration will temporarly operate in Marka.
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