Somalia: Russia Warns of Imminent Increase of Terrorist Attacks

Russia cautions that militant group al-Shabaab battling Somalia and African troops for control of the country might intensify attacks-file photo

“The situation is still unstable. Increased activity is seen in the capital,” the embassy told TASS. “That means more terrorist attacks can be expected by Ash-Shabaab militants in the next few days or months.”

The diplomatic mission said there has been a series of resonant terrorist attacks in Somalia over the past few weeks. Attacks are carried out virtually on a daily basis, the embassy said.

The Russian alert comes a day after  the building of the Federal Parliament of Somalia came under mortar attack.

“During the attack  a large number of shells exploded near the parliament building in the capital of Mogadishu at the time when the parliament was in session. Several people were wounded, including opposition presidential candidate Abdirahman Abdishakur, who is the leader of the Wadajir Party.

The New Somalia MPs seen here taking oath 9f office were target of the multiple mortar shells attack

The Xinhua News Agency reported, citing the police, that nine people were wounded. The severity of the wounds wasn’t reported. The government blamed the attack on Ash-Shabaab militants.

The Russian Embassy earlier said that no Russians were hurt in the shelling.