Somalia: Raskamboni Militia Gags Journalists


KISMAYO (Somalilandsun — Militias loyal to former

IslaSheikh Ahmed Madobe Ras Kamboni militia brigade commandermist warlord have imposed restrictions on Somali journalists based in the southern Somali port city of Kismayo.

Reports from Kismayo say that Raskamboni militias led by Ahmed Madowe, a former Islamist warlord ordered Somali journalists there not to report any news from Kismayo without the consent and knowledge of the group which has armed militias in the city.

Abdinasir Seraar, a lieutenant to Ahmed Madowe summoned all journalists in Kismayo to the militias’ compound and warned then not to report anything in Kismayo without the consent and knowledge of the group.

close your mouthSomali of the journalists who were summoned for that meeting told Shabelle Media Network that Seraar threatened them with severe punishment if they don’t comply the group’s order.

The group has particularly threatened 7 journalists who report to radio and television stations in the capital, telling the that they have a last caution.

Raskamboni, which has spilt from Al Shabab, came to Kismayo after Somali national army and Kenyan forces who are part of Amisom assaulted the city and drove Al Shabab militants out of it.