Somalia: Qatar Charity Funded Clinic Improves Quality of lives in Mogadishu

Somalia: Qatar Charity Funded Clinic Improves Quality of lives in Mogadishu

Somalilandsun: Many beneficiaries of Al-Shifa Clinic, established by Qatar Charity (QC) in 2018 in the Yaqshid district of Somalia, expressed their satisfaction with the medical services they receive free of charge, QC said in a statement.

Before the clinic was set up by QC, the 150,000 inhabitants of Yaqshid did not have an easy access to health services, as they had to walk long distances to benefit from primary care services and medical treatment. However, the situation changed when QC built the clinic.

Fatima Mohamed Ali recalls the problematic health situation in the area before the clinic was established. “We had to walk a long distance to receive health services for our children,” she said. The free health services and medicines provided by the clinic contributed to the improvement of health conditions of the local people, and they thanked the benefactor in Qatar for supporting the needy and poor.

Maida Issa Kahwi, a mother of seven, said that she was not able to bear the costs of treatment and medicines. She is now delighted with free health services she receives for her children from the clinic.

The healthcare services and free medical treatment provided by Al-Shifa clinic have contributed to enhancing healthcare services in the area and reducing morbidity and mortality rates among mothers and children under five years. The 600sqm clinic consists of 11 rooms, a waiting area, an outpatient clinic, a maternity room, patient rooms, a pharmacy, a doctor’s room and a laboratory. It provides health services, medical consultations and free medicines to patients. The clinic receives daily more than 80 cases. The clinic has benefited 36,000 patients since its inception until the mid-2020.

QC implements these health projects in co-ordination with the Somali Ministry of Health, Mogadishu University and international organisations.