Somalia: Puntland Reacts to Al-Shabaab Threat



Somalilandsun – Puntland Government strongly condemns the recent statement by Al Shabaab terrorist group’s spokesman, who declared that Al Shabaab plans to “destroy Puntland Government” and sent a message asking the Puntland people to help Al Shabaab terrorist group. The Government is mandated to defend the stability of Puntland and to protect the public.

Puntland Constitution conforms to Islamic Shari’ah law, and Al Shabaab is a bloodthirsty violent group that abuses Islamic Shari’ah law and is part of international terrorist organizations. Al Shabaab terrorist group supports all spoilers linked to insecurity and political disorder in Somalia.

The Government calls on the public to protect the stability and unity of Puntland and to lead the country towards development. Puntland Defense Force stands committed to defend the security and stability of the people and Government of Puntland.

Puntland Government is well informed that Al Shabaab wants to incite public disorder and riots inside Puntland and the Government warns that any act of insecurity will be dealt with as an act organized by terrorists aiming to damage the stability of Puntland.

— END —