Somalia: President Gas of Puntland denies award of Military base to UAE


As Somali MPs plan to submit motion against UAE-Somaliland military base deal

We have not awarded UAE a military base in Bosaso says president Gas of Puntland

By: Yusuf M Hasan
Somalilandsun- Puntland is very grateful to the United Arab Emirates for continuous training of naval forces.
This was informed by President Abdiweli Mohamed Gas of the Somalia administrative region of Puntland as he denied a deal to award the Emirati country a military base at its main Port of Bosaso
“It is true that the UAE government supports in the training of our coast guards” said President Gas in Garowe where he added that the Emiratis are not approached his administration on the establishment of a military base anywhere in the administrative region of Somalia.
In reference to recent reports circulating local media Houses Abdiweli Gas said “The UAE is not and shall not construct a military base at our port of Bosaso”
In neighbouring Somaliland the parliament approved a deal between the governments of Somaliland and the UAE for establishment of an Emirati military base in the port town of Berbera that shall hold naval and air forces.
As puntland denies the alleged Emirati military base in Bosaso, its parent administration in the guise of the Somalia Federal government in Mogadishu has not hesitated to shown disapproval of the Somaliland awarded base in Berbera.
Immediately Farmajo took over as president of Somalia his administration did not only term the deal between Somaliland and the UAE as illegal and corrupt but threatened action within the Arab league and United Nations.
Seemingly an urgent issue for president Farmajo administration notwithstanding that Somaliland withdrew from its 1960 voluntary later turned fateful union with Somalia 25 years ago, the newly inaugurated head of state made his maiden foreign visit to Saudi Arabia to protest the UAE deal as well as urge King Salman to intervention.
Back home in Somaliland the deal has raised acrimonious across board between supporters and opponents even to the extend of having the government hijacked Parliament thence expedited and without debate approval.
In the diaspora, citizens of various European countries who originated from Somaliland organized a demonstration outside the UAE embassy in a London protesting against the base.
While the churning continued full throttle within the Somaliland administration as pertains ensuring the country gets its first foreign military base, actions in Mogadishu is contrary
According to Goobjoog News a debate on the deal between Somaliland and the UAE is set for, at the parliament in Mogadishu following revealed intent to submit a motion by some Somali MPs