Somalia: President Gas of Puntland Dances to Alshabaab Threat Tunes, Releases Snr Commander


Somalilandsun- For fear of inciting inter-clan warfare in Galkayo town, President Gas has released a senior Alshabaab commander from prison.
According to Garoweonline the now free Islamist rebel commander Abdirizaq Hussein Tahiil whose nome de querra is Ina Alool Geel was awaiting execution after he was found guilty of masterminding deadly attacks in Galkayo.
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  1. As Somalilanders from the Republic of Somaliland we are happy for Ilhan Omar as an indivudual and as a Somali woman that she managed to join the US CONGRESS, she makes all Somalis proud and especially Somali women. From the Republic of Somaliland we say congratulations to her. Hambalyo walaal.

    As for her political opinions and ideologies that is an issue for American Citizens, this is a Somaliland website and we do not get involved in the internal politics of other countries.

    I am a supporter of the Republic of Somaliland gaining official recognition(currently De-Facto Recognised) and I am a supporter of Israel and its strength against the odds(like Somaliand) and I am a supporter of our Somali sister Ilhan Omar’s achievement.

    • Great for it was beautifully put straight.
      We are only interested in US politics and issues that affect Somaliland, PERIOD.
      As for Congresswoman Ilhan congratulations for you did many proud be it Somalis,women,migrants and Muslims etc. next stop the White House

  2. Can a Somali person confirm for me if it is true that The new US Congress Woman Miss Ilhan Omar hails from the Puntland region of Somalia?

    Puntland auntland is the home-base of the Pirate Cartels that kill innocent Western and Asian sea-faring traders and passengers alike.

    According to publicised and confirmed UN and American Intelligece documents and statements it is clear that Puntland is the sole entry poiin of weapons into Somalia and ruthless arms traders based in Puntland do a brisk trade with AL QAEDA of the ARABIAN PENNINSULA.

    Most IED’s and explosions in Mogadishu also have their origin in Puntland.

    Puntland is also the main source of instability in Somalia as it has refused to accept that Mudug region(in its entirety) is part of Galmudug regional state and not Puntland.

    According to numerous Somalis in Minneapolis with political contacts to government sources in Mogadishu it is clear that Puntland region consists of two regions: Bari and Nugaal and nothing more. All other land claims beyond those two regions are false.

    Ilhan Omar’s Jihad on Israel might be bettrr served cleaning up her home region in Somalia which is a Pirate homebase and the stronghold of Isis in Somalia.